im bestie foundation

welcome to the future of humanity!

imagine a world where answers to psychological problems are available instantly, in any language, in any time zone, and on any device. from politics to current events to social injustice, bestie can be accessed for help and support in transforming human behavior.
give and make our planet a whole lot better!

the im bestie app helps people transform through understanding the deeper parts of themselves that need healing, and how to heal themselves with bestie.

our mission is to transform the world.

how? by transforming one person at a time. with self-awareness comes less impulsivity and better decisions and choices—that side step and reject violence and ignorance, hatred and destruction.

we want to help women who have suffered horrific pain, such as violent crime, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, prejudice, sex trafficking and bullying.

join the bestie foundation by donating $100. 
you will be giving the gift of psychology to women in need, ten sessions at a time.

contributions to the bestie foundation go dollar for dollar to recipients of bestie scholarships.

the bestie foundation thanks you for sharing our world vision and understanding the power of psychology delivered by bestie.

please email us at [email protected] to join the foundation.

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