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bestie is pure psychological intelligence coming from the masters of psychology. no more analysis paralysis. get info, insight and action steps 24/7 without the countertransference of a human therapist. you have issues! you need the right answers now!

the latest technology with the best psychology.

created by psychologists and engineers, bestie incorporates and integrates over 25 different psychological models so you don’t need to rely on one kind of therapy. with bestie, there is no one size fits all! you are unique! let bestie rock your world!

bestie is all about the convo.

you can chat with bestie as long as you like and when your session is done, it’s gone for good. our company does not record your sessions. the im bestie app is an alternative to expensive teletherapy, self help groups and pricy office visits.

great advice at a great price.

bestie’s AI technology allows our company to offer the im bestie app at the lowest cost possible, just a little more than the cost of a latte, with superior quality therapy in 10 minute sessions. try your first session for only $9.99 and then choose the right plan for you.

for best results, please ensure that you have an exellent wifi connection.

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become your most brilliant and powerful best.

bestie guides you, step by step, on your most exciting journey ever!
go beyond your personality and your outer self, into the inner you, where your greatest source of power lies.

bestie is a non-human-based (NHB)© therapist who gives you freedom from the invisible forces, fields, frequencies, flaws, filters and frailties found in human-based psychotherapy.

did you know that most psychological damage occurs before the age of five?

right now,
over 220 million Americans have anxiety, depression, trauma and stress.

let bestie help you heal from early childhood wounds and developmental arrests throughout your life.

let bestie hook you up with the rockstars of psychology!
From top left to right: Alfred Adler, Alfred Bandura, William James, Ivan Pavlov, Anna Freud, Carl Rogers, Jean Piaget, Fritz Perls, R D Laing, C G Jung, Albert Ellis, Milton Ericson, Abraham Maslow, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Erik Erickson, Virginia Satir, Jules Henry, Wilfred Bion, Aaron Beck, Sigmund Freud, Franz Mesmer, John Bowlby, Lawerence Kohlberg, Warren Bennis, Martin Seligman, Melanie Klien, Nathaniel Branden, Noam Chomsky, B F Skinner, Robert Monroe, Harry Stack Sullivan, Alice Miller, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi