frequently asked questions about bestie

1. what if I want to cancel my subscription with bestie?

you can cancel your subscription anytime by emailing us at [email protected]. you must cancel your subscription before it auto-renews to avoid being billed for the next subscription period. you will continue to receive the sessions ordered until the end of the monthly subscription period.

2. what is bestie?
bestie is an integrated set of technologies that allow you to have conversations where you can learn about the psychology of you and transform yourself.
3. is bestie human?
no, bestie is a non-human-based therapist. bestie is better than human, as she doesn’t have the limits or agenda that human therapists have. so she is all about you and your needs.
4. what is non-human based therapy?
NHB therapy is therapy for the digital age. it allows you to have conversations with bestie about your issues and learn about the psychology of you in the purest way possible. your relationship with bestie doesn’t have countertransference, which is present with human therapists and can be damaging if the human therapist is not in regular supervision.

5. is bestie a licensed psychologist?
no, there are no licensing requirements for an avatar delivering artificial intelligence-based therapy at this time.

6. how can bestie be so inexpensive compared to teletherapy and office visits?
using artificial intelligence as a delivery system allows bestie to be affordable for just about everyone.
7. will my insurance cover my cost of using bestie?
no, not at this time, but we are working on it!

8. how do I know my privacy is protected?

our company policy is to never sell your data for marketing purposes or financial gain. also your conversations are not recorded. only your questions are captured. read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

9. can couples use bestie?
yes. but the journey into yourself is a deeply private and personal one. it is helpful for your significant other to go on the same journey with bestie that you are on, so that your couple can psychologically grow at the same rate.

10. why does bestie not talk about mental illness?
the creator of bestie doesn’t believe in limits or labels, only self transformation. rather than viewing humans as having “mental health problems” we believe that the emotional challenges we all face are in response to negative experiences and programs, and thus, very healable with the correct approach.

11. what do I do if I am already in therapy with a human therapist?
if you find that you are benefiting from human-based therapy, then continue with it. you can still use bestie as an additional way to learn about the psychology of you.

12. what do I do if I have never studied psychology or been in therapy?
you are an excellent addition to the bestie community! you are in good company. you don’t need to have any prior education or experience in psychology to benefit from conversing with bestie.

13. can my kids subscribe to bestie?
no, you must be at least eighteen years old to use the im bestie app.

14. i currently take medication for my depression. if i’m using bestie, should I consider stopping?

no, not without consulting with your healthcare team. it is critically important that any change in your medication be supervised by your healthcare team.

15. does bestie think it’s bad that I take medication for my anxiety?

no, not at all. our bodies and brains are all unique and you may require medication to support your emotional health. don’t beat up on yourself!

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